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How long does it take to beat Stonefly and unlock all trophies?

12-15 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Stonefly and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Stonefly have online trophies?


Does Stonefly have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Stonefly have missable trophies?


Does Stonefly have glitched trophies?


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Does Stonefly have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Stonefly Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Stonefly is a unique and interesting indie game from the folks who brought us Creature in the Well, which also had a one-of-a-kind art style and angled-down camera. Through this Stonefy Trophy Guide I hope to give you the smoothest route to the Stonefly Platinum Trophy possible.

Which isn’t an easy feat at the time of writing. This game’s trophy list is one of the buggiest I’ve experienced, which is ironic given the game’s bug theme. Currently, the platinum is unobtainable thanks to a few broken trophies, and a lot of the trophies you can get will unlock at unexpected times.

Stonefly Trophy Guide – Before You Begin

Assist Mode

In the options of Stonefly, you can activate “Assist Mode,” which gives you access to a handful of accessibility options to make the game easier. The most interesting of which is “Invincibility.” You can simply turn on invincibility at the flick of a switch and it won’t affect your trophies.

So, if you find yourself struggling or want an easier trophy journey, go ahead and activate Assist Mode to take advantage of the decreased difficulty.

Note that if you have Invincibility on, as you won’t be able to take damage when researching the “Damage Taken” and “Damage Repaired” data in the Research tab of your menu, you will need to remove Invincibility so that you can actually take damage.

Bugged Trophies

Update: The latest patch has fixed these bugs. There are now no bugged trophies in the game! I will leave the information below for historical and referential reasons.

At the time of writing, this game as a whole host of bugged and unattainable trophies which I will list below, for your convenience:

  • Sidequest – This is supposed to be an unmissable story-based trophy which unlocks early at the start of the game but it isn’t unlocking for anybody. Fortunately, it is unlocked near the start of the game and so wouldn’t take you long to acquire in a new save when the issue is patched.
  • Gotta Go Slow – This should unlock when using the “Slow” ability to trip an Engine Grub, but it isn’t currently working.
  • How Embarassing, Unbreak My Heart, Gotta Go Slow & Magnetic Personality – The unlock requirements for these trophies have been swapped around somehow. See each individual trophy for more info.

Phase One – Play Through the Story

Let’s kick off this Stonefly Trophy Guide with a good old “play as you like.” As there are no completely missable trophies and everything can be replayed at the end of the game, you should just focus on enjoying yourself and reaching the end of the story.

There are, as ever, a few things you can do along the way to make the subsequent phases of this Stonefly Trophy Guide easier, which I will list here for your convenience:

  • Use the “Slow” ability + as often as you can as soon as you unlock it. You will need to use it a total of 500 times, so it makes sense to start working on these as soon as possible.
  • Track the Alpha Aphid every time you visit one of the three open-world areas, if you don’t already have it tracked. You will need to complete an Alpha Aphid mission 10 times, so you should pepper them in amongst your gameplay. There’s a crazy amount of resources up for grabs in Alpha Aphid missions so it will definitely be beneficial.
  • Try to group together huge piles of enemies with the “Pull” + ability as often as you can. You can then use those piles to get Magnetic Personality, Stay Back, Efficiency, and Untethered quite easily.
  • Keep your eye out for hidden Cosmetic Designs in each level. They are typically under a small orange-leaved tree, and there’s a full list of Cosmetic Designs and which level they are found in here.
A cosmetic Design part.

Unmissable Trophies

The 10 trophies in this section of our Stonefly Trophy Guide will all unlock automatically as you make your way through to the end of the story and as such do not require any extraneous work to acquire.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Help the Acorn Corps

This trophy should unlock when you meet the Acorn Corps near the start of the game and help them with the bugs that they’re fighting.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Farthest I’ve Been

Head into the Blue Spruce Trail

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Found Him, Now What?

Find the thief that stole Dad’s rig

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Friend In Need

Complete a Corps project

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Corps Protector

Help Clara regroup with the Acorn Corps

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
New Threads

Welcome to fashion

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Oh No, It’s Real

Find Dad’s rig

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Difficult Decisions

Take Dad’s rig

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Still Alive

Win the fight, lose the trophy

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fixed Up

Fix the junker’s core functionality

Phase Two – Complete the East Marsh Arena

This entire phase of our Stonefly Trophy Guide is dedicated to the “Root Arena” found in East Marsh. It’s in the north-east corner of the map and can only be activated once you finish the game.

100 Waves in Root Arena

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete wave 100 in the East Marsh arena

After you beat the game’s main story, you will get designs for something called “Arena Decoy” which you can use to activate the Arena in the north-east corner of East Marsh.

Collect the resources you need and craft the special decoy in your Workstation then head to the “Root Arena” in East Marsh.

There, you’ll find a circle in the center of a tree stump with three white flowers around it. Use your decoy ability at the center + to start the arena mode.

To unlock this trophy, you will need to survive a whopping 100 waves in this post-game arena. It would be wise to upgrade your rig as much as possible before giving this a shot, and you may want to activate the Invincibility option in Assist Mode.

Note that each Arena Decoy is only single-use, so if you fail you will need to craft a new one!

Phase Three – Cleanup

Hopefully, by the time you reach this phase of our Stonefly Trophy Guide, you already have the majority of the trophies (those that aren’t bugged, at least), but there’s likely still to be a handful of trophies left to unlock.

During this phase, we’re going to work through the remaining Upgrade and Combat trophies, finishing all Research along the way.

Rig Upgrade Trophies

The following trophies in this portion of our Stonefly Trophy Guide involve using the resources you’ve collected to improve your rig by purchasing new parts, both cosmetic and utility.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Suited To The Task

Fabricate all utility abilities

You can find your Utility Upgrades in the “Utility” section of the “Function” tab in the Workstation. To unlock this trophy, you will need to unlock all of the following abilities:

Utility UpgradeInputDescription
AeroHold while glidingGlide faster while airborne
GlideAutomatically glide while airborne
DashHold Gain a sudden burst of speed and create a gust of wind. Great for pushing bugs while airborne.
BlinkTap Teleport a short distance
Pull + Pull uprooted objects inward. Great for catching Boomlings off guard.
Lift + Create an upward gust of air. Super effective against Worms and Popcorn Fleas.
Bubble + Create a sphere of wind that keeps objects out temporarily. Excellent protection against Hook Wasps.
Decoy + Drop a decoy that attracts nearby bugs. Bull Beetles absolutely love shiny things.
Slow + Drop a trap that slows any bugs passing through it. Great at tripping up Engine Grubs.
Spark + Spin around quickly, dispelling goo and acid, and creating a small upward propulsion.

You will learn the various designs required as you make your way through the story, either by fighting bugs enough times or just progressing the story enough. You should have all of the designs you need by the time the East Marsh becomes available to you.

Then, you just need to gather up enough resources to purchase all of these upgrades in the “Designs” tab of the Workstation.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Innovate, Fabricate

Fabricate all abilities and upgrades

In order to unlock all abilities and upgrades, you will need to complete the story and all possible Research items in the “Research” tab of your menu.

Important: If you have Invincibility turned on in the Assist Mode settings, you won’t be able to gain research for “Damage Taken” and “Damage Repaired” so you will need to turn Invincibility off and then go take a bunch of damage from combat in order to progress research enough to buy Hull upgrades.

It’s possible for the “Damage Taken” research to glitch out and stop unlocking Hull Upgrades. To get around this, purchase all of the Hull Upgrades you have available, then head into any battle with Invincibility OFF to take just one single hit. The protagonist will then come up with the designs for the next Hull Upgrade. Repeat this until all Hull Upgrades are available.

When you have unlocked a new Upgrade or Ability Design, you can go to your Workstation at camp to use your resources to craft them. You’ll need quite a lot of resources so be prepared to do some Alpha Aphid farming if necessary.

Once you have all of the Upgrades in the “Function” tab of your Workstation this trophy will unlock. You do not need the upgrades under “Form” for this trophy, but will need them for Style And Substance.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Designer Hardware

Fabricate a cosmetic upgrade

Cosmetic Upgrades can be found in the “Form” tab of the Workstation menu. There is three sub-categories of Cosmetic Upgrades within the Form tab; Hull, Legs, and Antennae.

To craft a Cosmetic Upgrade, you will first need to find the relevant components hidden out in the wild. These will typically require you to go off the beaten path to locate, but once you get into the habit of exploring every side-path in the game and especially returning to areas you’ve completed, you’ll start finding them easily.

Cosmetic Designs are found in the form of rusted components under a small orange-leaved tree.

There are, however, some Cosmetic Upgrades such as the “Chrysalis” Hull and “Proximal Claw” Legs which will be given to you as part of the story.

Once you go to the Workstation and craft one of these new designs, the trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Style And Substance

Fabricate all cosmetic designs

While there are many Cosmetic Designs in the main free-roam areas of the game, a lot of the Cosmetic Designs are hidden in one-off areas that you will visit for the story. Don’t panic, though, you will get access to these areas again once you finish the game, and are free to scour them for parts when you reach the post-game.

These cosmetic designs are found in the form of rusted rig parts, under distinct trees with orange leaves. They’re often difficult to locate so you’ll need to be ready to prepared every side-path and search thoroughly.

When you hover your cursor over a part you don’t have yet in the Workstation, a small tooltip will open up, telling you where to search for that part.

Here’s a list of parts and where they can be found:

Design NamePart TypeLocation
ChrysalisHullUnlocked via Story Progress
MinotaurHullBig Oak
Sky SeedHullNoka Basin
Iron AcornHullMire Outskirts
Proximal ClawLegsUnlocked via Story Progress
Drift ThreadLegsNightlight Briar
Mandible AlloyLegsMaple Canopy
Fixed CoxaLegsBull’s Hollow
Tarsus CarbonLegsSarto Tree
Water StriderLegsEast Marsh
No AntennaeAntennaeDefault
Caterpillar LanceAntennaeNightlight Briar
CBRAntennaeMaple Canopy
Wind NeutronAntennaeBull’s Hollow
Fission CocoonAntennaeNoka Basin
Symto FlareAntennaeMire Outskirts
Holton PadAntennaeEast Marsh

When you have successfully located all of these parts and crafted them at the workstation, the trophy will unlock.

Alpha Aphid Trophies

Alpha Aphids–the main boss enemies in the game–are the sole focus of the trophies listed in this section of our Stonefly Trophy Guide.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Underground Giants

Complete an Alpha Aphid mission without getting knocked out

In order to “complete” an Alpha Aphid mission you simply need to wait out the timer. You have a limited time to collect resources and defeat enemies when on an Alpha Aphid and when that time is up, the mission ends.

The easiest way to earn this trophy is to just avoid enemies completely. Letting an enemy bug knock you off the Alpha Aphid’s back will void this trophy, but if you stay airborne, keep moving, and avoid all enemies you can easily survive until the timer runs out and the mission ends, unlocking this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Track down 10 alpha aphids

Tracking down Alpha Aphids involves searching each level for blue fireflies. Once you find a swarm of blue fireflies, you can follow them to some tracks on the ground, which you can inspect with to gain research towards that area’s Alpha Aphid.

You should do this every time you’re out in the field so that you’re always making progress towards this trophy, once you have enough tracks to know the Alpha Aphid’s location you won’t be able to gather any more research and can visit that Aphid from the world map when you enter your rig at camp.

Once you complete an Alpha Aphid mission, it will be greyed out on the map and you’ll need to track it again to be able to revisit that mission.

What the trophy description doesn’t make clear here is that you will actually need to complete 10 Alpha Aphid Missions, just tracking them isn’t enough.

Unlocking and completing an Alpha Aphid mission 10 times in total will earn you this trophy. It doesn’t have to be a different Alpha Aphid each time, you can just do the “Nightlight Alpha Aphid” mission 10 times in a row if you like.

Combat Trophies

The trophies in this portion of our Stonefly Trophy Guide will require you to go slightly out of your way to use the game’s combat mechanics in a specific way, either to defeat opponents or to simply survive.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Defeat 15 bugs with one push

This trophy is a lot easier once you have learned the Pull + ability. You will want to look for a fight with a large number of bugs, especially the smaller yellow bugs, then begin stunning them all with Break .

Once you’ve stunned 15 or more, you should start pulling them together into a pile with Pull + . When you have them all grouped up, start using Push or Dash to knock them all off the edge of the platform.

This will naturally get easier the more you progress the game and upgrade these abilities, of course. Alpha Aphids are a great place to earn this trophy due to the sheer number of bugs found on their backs!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Stay Back

Use a bubble to push away 20 bugs at once

You can couple this trophy with Magnetic Personality. First, fulfil the requirements of Magnetic Personality by stunning a group of 20 bugs with Break and then pulling them into a pile with Pull + .

Then, when you have 20 or more bugs in a single pile, activate “Bubble” by pressing + together while close to the group of stunned bugs, which will send them flying in all directions and unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Safer Up Here

Push a bug off the level while airborne

This is fairly easy to do by using the Dash ability. When you use Dash , you will push forward a gust of wind underneath you, forcing any stunned bugs to follow your trajectory.

Stun a handful of bugs with Break and then Dash over the top of them to push them off the platform and unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Everybody Be Cool

Slow down 500 bugs

You should hopefully have been working on this trophy from the moment you got the “Slow” ability, which can be activated by pressing and simultaneously.

The Slow ability drops a puddle of sticky goop, which slows any bugs that cross over it. Slowing 500 bugs can take a long time so by working on this as much as possible while you play, you’re avoiding the need for a farming session for it.

If you do end up needing to farm this trophy, your best bet is to do so in the Alpha Aphid missions where there will be plenty of bugs to use it on. Or you can farm this trophy in the East Marsh Arena where you’ll be earning the Trained trophy.

The total of 500 bugs is, of course, cumulative. Once you have slowed a total of 500 bugs throughout your playthrough, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Just Wanna Be Pure

Use Spark to clean off goo and acid at the same time

In Stonefly, “Goo” is a green liquid which can either be thrown by Stickybun Boomlings or left as a trail on the ground by Silken Worms. “Acid,” on the other hand, is a yellowish liquid that will either be thrown at you by a Crabapple Boomling or left as a trail by Burning Worms.

To unlock this trophy, you will first need to have unlocked the “Spark” ability, which allows you to spin on the spot, removing any acid or goo on your rig, by pressing + simultaneously.

Then you will need to be affected by both Goo and Acid at the same time. This isn’t too hard to do in the East Marsh area, where both Burning and Silken worms often spawn in the same place. Once you’ve effectively been covered in both fluids, hit + to clean your rig and receive your trophy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Magnetic Personality

Use Pull on 20 bugs at once

At the time of writing, this trophy is bugged and will instead unlock when you fulfil the requirements of How Embarassing.

Update: This has been fixed in the latest patch.

Assuming this will be patched out, though, using the ability on 20 bugs simultaneously wouldn’t be much of a big ask, you would just need to get far enough in the game that 20 bugs appearing on-screen is normal. Naturally, it’s easier to pull the smaller bugs into a group, so you should focus on hitting as many small ugs as possible with Break to stun them.

Then, once you have a nice collection of stunned bugs on-screen, start using Pull + to pull them all together into a group. The trophy should unlock once the Pull ability catches 20 separate bugs within its radius.

Alpha Aphids are a great place to earn this trophy due to the sheer number of bugs found on their backs!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
How Embarassing

Stagger a boomling with Pull

At the time of writing, this trophy is bugged and will instead unlock when you fulfil the requirements of Unbreak My Heart.

Update: This has been fixed in the latest patch.

To stagger a Boomling using Pull + , activate it when in front of the Boomling, and its wings will get pulled forward over its head, exposing its weak spot. The trophy should unlock the first time you do this.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Unbreak My Heart

Break a bull beetle’s heart

At the time of writing, this trophy is bugged and will instead unlock when you fulfil the requirements of Gotta Go Slow.

Update: This has been fixed in the latest patch.

You can get a skill called “Decoy” about halfway through the game. When you use Decoy + near a Bull Beetle, they’ll become enamoured with it, as indicated by a small love heart which appears above them.

While they’re in this state, hit them with Break to break their heart, and unlock the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gotta Go Slow

Trip an engine grub

To trip an Engine Grub, you will need to unlock the “Slow” ability which is then activated by pressing + simultaneously. This drops a puddle of goo on the ground which slows down any bugs which pass over it.

You’ll need to wait until an Engine Grub is just about to charge you, then drop the puddle in its path, it will get caught on the sticky puddle and flip over.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Ride a boomling

Boomlings are the large beetle-like enemies that fire purple explosives from their rear end. They can only be hit while their back is exposed during one of these purple-explosive-launching attacks.

To unlock this trophy all you need to do is land on a Boomling’s back, even just for a second. Hovering above a Boomling and tapping while in mid-air to bounce off its back is enough to pop the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Field Work

Defeat each type of bug at least once

There is a handful of enemy types to defeat in the game, and this trophy asks that you defeat at least one of each (except Alpha Aphid, which you can’t actually “defeat”).

Your best bet for this trophy is to just keep replaying Alpha Aphid missions, especially the third one, as all enemy types will spawn in these missions and you can use them to farm any that you are missing, but you should earn this trophy naturally, it would be pretty difficult not to.

Note that bosses like the Wind Mantis don’t count (despite that very boss being the trophy icon).

Below is a table of all the enemy types:

Enemy TypeDescription
Hook WaspAttaching in large groups to their prey, they take down larger creatures as a mob.
Popcorn FleaFloating like a buoy around the leaves, it protects itself with the spines on its hood.
Bell BugScurrying little six-legged buttons, moving about under the twigs.
Scissor ScarabUsing their body-sized jaws they crack open acorns and other nuts that fall to the forest floor.
Rot LongsnoutA Longsnout with a dangerous infection that causes it to fill the area around it with a burning goo.
Spitting LongsnoutA long-nosed sharp shooter of a critter.
Sticky LongsnoutA sticky spitting relative in the Longsnout family.
Berrypod BoomlingGenerally a passive traveler on branches of large oak trees, this creature will try to keep a distance from you and throw berries it grows on its back.
Crabapple BoomlingA corrosive cousin of the Berrypod Boomling.
Stickybun BoomlingDon’t step in the splash zone.
Star SpiderHopping from leaf to leaf, these bugs attack their prey in the air from above.
Engine GrubBlunt-nosed with a frayed back the powerful legs on this bug allow it to charge and break off pieces of bark from trees it is climbing.
Burning WormOnce it passes over an area, the chemicals from its body mix with the ground and create an acidic trail.
Silken WormA migratory, squishy creature that leaves a large path of sticky goo behind it while it moves.
Bull BeetleThe ground rumbles as these beetles hunt, they charge to stick their horns into the side of trees to draw sap out of them.

If you reach the end of the game and find you still have not earned this trophy, compare the table above to the “Research” tab in your menu.

Once you have defeated all of the enemies in the table at least one time, you will unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Defeat 30 bugs without touching the ground

This can be quite tricky to do because you don’t stay in the air for very long, even fully-upgraded. Therefore, your best bet is to defeat all 30 bugs in one single manoeuvre.

Start by loading up an Alpha Aphid Mission and then mash to use break over and over on every bug that spawns. While they’re stunned, keep dropping Pull + bombs to draw them all into a single group. Continue around the area, stunning enemies and then using Pull to group them together with the main group.

Every few seconds or so, drop a few Break bombs in the center of your bug pile to make sure they don’t get up. Do this for as long as you can (without letting the timer on the mission expire) and then once you feel your pile is big enough, jump in the air and hold to dash across the top of your pile.

If done correctly, the resulting gust of wind will push the entire pile off at the same time, and the trophy will unlock!

Collect all Research

There is a research tab in the pause menu where you can track your progress towards new ability/part upgrade blueprints, this portion of our Stonefly Trophy Guide will cover this feature of the game and the trophy tied to it.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Fully research all significant data

For this trophy you just need to complete all of the research items in the “Research” tab of the menu. Each item will tell you exactly what you need to do to increase the exp towards it, so if you have any research left to gather by the time you’ve finished the game, just work through the items listed until the trophy unlocks!

Important: If you have Invincibility turned on in the Assist settings, you won’t be able to gain research for “Damage Taken” and “Damage Repaired” so you will need to turn Invincibility off and then go take a bunch of damage from combat in order to progress research enough to unlock all Hull and Repair upgrades.

A great way to farm research for Damage Taken and Damage Repaired is to find some Hook Wasps and let them hook onto you. Use Bubble + to knock them off if your health gets too low and then just activate your repair ability .

Eventually, after Hull Upgrade 3 and Repair Upgrade 2, you can just keep the Hook Wasps on you and activate your repair as soon as it’s available, they won’t be able to fully deplete your health, and your Damage Taken and Damage Repaired research exp will keep rising.

It’s possible for the “Damage Taken” research to glitch out and stop unlocking Hull Upgrades. To get around this, purchase all of the Hull Upgrades you have available, then head into any battle with Invincibility OFF to take just one single hit. The protagonist will then come up with the designs for the next Hull Upgrade. Repeat this until all Hull Upgrades are available.


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
True Inventor

Unlock all other trophies

If you managed to overcome not only the bugs in the game, but the bugs in the trophy list too, you truly deserve this Platinum Trophy!

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