Platinum trophy


By TheDblTap


Control is one of those games that I saw revealed at E3 and though “Wow, that looks awesome!” but then never saw anything from again. 

I saw it start cropping up on r/trophies shortly after it’s release and many people’s impressions of the game were a little dry, leading me to believe the game was just… okay.

I picked it up second-hand one day and brought it home to play. I played it for around 2 hours, moved some stuff with my mind, blew up some desks, sat in awe at the physics and destructibles, got lost in the labyrinthine hospital-like environment of the Executive Sector and then just… stopped playing. 

I picked it up a couple of times after that, each time being wowed by the phenomenal art direction in the game, the use of contrast and lighting and the unexpected, but then I’d just stop playing and go play something else. It was hard to stay invested and it just kept getting harder because everytime I came back to the game I’d forgotten where I was, what I needed to do, how to upgrade, what control points do, etc.

So, last weekend, I gave myself a good shake and sat down to play it properly, to get into it, to enjoy it, to – ultimately – plat it.

And I did, of course, Plat the game.

I cannot stress just how much I loved every damn second of it. It even got a spot in my Top 10 games. The last 5 hours of the game in particular were spectacular, being thrown into wildly varying environments, getting deeply enraptured by the complex story, going through some of the trippiest and exciting sequences I’ve ever experienced in gaming, and putting myself through some very tough and satisfying boss fights.

The “Ashtray Maze” in particular is one of the coolest 5-minute stints of gaming I’ve ever enjoyed, and it was incredible – look out for it!

My only regret is not realising there was a photo mode until right near the end of the game, because I lost so many great opportunities for phenomenal photos. The first time I entered “Central Executive” in the Executive Sector, for example.

I did get a screenshot of it, just not in Photo mode.

So, enough dry-humping this game, let me tell you about it.

The World of Control

You play as a character known as… hang on… uhh… I’ve genuinely forgotten. That’s not a good sign right? I mean I spent like 15 hours on the game in one weekend how could I ha— JESSE! Jesse Faden.

I don’t want to give away too much story, so in the interest of keeping it vague; Jesse was involved in an incident with her brother Dylan when she was a kid. This incident involves the Federal Bureau of Control, the FBC. So, she goes there for some answers and just happens to turn up and find the Director of the FBC dead. 

She takes his service weapon which somehow means she’s now the Director of the FBC and everybody she meets just kind of accepts that, even if she refuses to.

Getting the Service Weapon.

You come to find out that the FBC has been overrun by an extra-dimensional force which Jesse calls “The Hiss”. Something to do with the sound of gas escaping? 

The Hiss can take over the minds of others unless they’re wearing a HRA. I forget what that stands for but basically it negates the frequency which the Hiss uses to take over someone’s mind.

The ominous red light of the Hiss presence.

Let me stop myself here for a second for a little disclaimer. The game’s story is very confusing, intentionally constructed to mess with your head, there are a lot of concepts in the story which make no sense but the idea is to let go of your perception of reality, because reality doesn’t mean a whole lot in the FBC and all the people you meet and speak to have accepted this, which makes it harder to understand what’s going on. 

Due to this, and me taking long extended hiatuses from playing the game, I’m not a huge expert on the story and a lot of what I’m saying about the story could be wrong. But I think it’s important to give you my impressions of the story, rather than reeling off whatever I’ve gone and read from fandom wiki.

Carrying on; The FBC seems to explore matters of extra-dimensional or conceptual nature, so you’ll often find yourself in a situation where anyone would lose their mind and start shouting about how crazy the thing in-front of them is… But everyone is so used to seeing this crazy effed-up nonsense that they just nonchalantly accept it, and honestly, it’s part of the endearing charm the game has.

This poor guy is on fridge-watching duty. Just one of the many bizarre routines perfectly normal in this institute.

There are a few major “factions” (for lack of a better word) in the game. The Federal Bureau of Control are managed by their “Director” but seem to just go about their own business as part of their assigned team. 

There’s Executive – in charge of… Running the place, I guess? They’re just suits at desks scanning copies from what I can tell. 

Research – scientists and leading minds in charge of understanding the complex web of senselessness in the world. 

Maintenance – They keep the place running, keep the lights on as it were.

The Maintenance sector is quite a change from the grey stone and wood panelling of the Executive sector.

I don’t get it, honestly, but the way they talk is cool. They don’t use words, apparently, they just make noise and Jesse can somehow understand it. The way they show this is by having some words have multiple meanings. Like if you were to translate “Une Feuille” from french, it could either mean “A Sheet of Paper” or “A Leaf”, depending on the context. So, when the Board’s instructions are being translated to you, each word’s possible meanings are displayed too. So, with that same example, the board might say “< I/We picked up the leaf/sheet of paper>.”

It’s just a small touch but I love it so much, it’s a very clever way of showing that you’re communicating with something inhuman with a language so dramatically different from your own that it’s impossible to translate directly. It sure as heck beats the old “Universal Translator” trope. 

Moving on, there is also, obviously, the Hiss. Their presence is indicated by harsh red light – nothing says evil like lots of red, after all. Their intentions seem pretty unclear, but like any villain they appear to just want to dominate. To integrate themselves into the physical world by taking over the minds of the general population and take over the world. It’s like a disease that affects the mind.

Affected individuals will begin floating in the air and chanting the same few lines of dialogue over and over. Something about an orange peel and being a clone… Very eerie stuff though, when you enter an atrium and the room is peppered with floating people talking in their sleep. 

Entering Dead Letters for the first time is an eerie and powerful sight.

The Hiss seems to be pretty selective, however, for if the affected individual has any combat training or weaponry they’re used as foot soldiers instead of human PA systems spreading the hiss Mantra. Some of these enemies are enhanced with the Hiss’ metaphysical abilities, allowing them to float, shield themselves or use telekinesis and more.

The Jedi to this Sith is Polaris, a metaphysical being of good who lives in Jesse’s mind. Or at least she talks to them in her mind? Polaris is one of the biggest mysteries of the game so if I did understand them well enough to explain then I probably wouldn’t tell you here! The main thing to know is that Polaris’ presence is what protects Jesse from the influence of the Hiss, so she doesn’t need a HRA and has a few nifty powers.

Polaris’ presence/influence is evidenced by this swirling aperture-like overlay.

Now, the FBC is a complex place which has been investigating strange things in “The Oldest House” for a very long time, so the Hiss aren’t the only problem, they’re a byproduct of what the FBC already does.

In the simplest way I could possibly explain it, they just investigate unnatural occurrences, often manifested in “Objects of Power”. The service weapon, for one, is an object of power, but the whole building is full of these OoPs and some of them are really, really cool. My favourites, which lead to some very cool sequences, are the Mirror and the TV. 

They’re just ordinary objects which have a mind of their own, so to speak, and Jesse needs to cleanse them to prevent them wreaking havoc and mischief throughout the FBC, this will typically lead to a new power too!

Objects of Power are just “Altered Items”, which you’ll see a lot in the game, but the difference here is that an Object of power can bestow power upon Jesse if she cleanses it by binding herself with it. Altered items cannot bestow power but are mischievous

I briefly skim-read something in-game that said Altered Items are more likely to occur in instances of conspiracy or paranormal suspicion. For example, if enough people become afraid of an object or place in suspicion of it being haunted, then that belief manifests itself . It’s all about the astral plane being connected to the real world through the minds of people and so I hypothesise that believing in something strongly enough can open a metaphysical gateway through which the astral plane can actually imbue powers upon ordinary objects… Again, I’m just interpolating and the game’s lore is purposefully hard to understand.

The “Panopticon” in the Containment sector is a prison specially built to hold Altered Items… And a few other things.

Most of the fun there is to be had in the game comes from Altered items. That prison I mentioned earlier which isn’t for humans? Yeah, it’s for altered items. They all have their own quirks and abilities and it’s really just interesting when you find a collectible with a bit of info about one and you can read about the problems it’s caused and what it can do (although some of it is redacted in true governmental fashion).

There’s even a great side-quest line for returning some to their cells, definitely worth playing through for some really fun (and some really frustrating) sequences!

Lastly, there’s also the matter of the mold. Occasionally you’ll find some rooms full of mold and fungi, and maybe even some extremely -the-last-of-us-cordyceps-looking enemies. These have nothing to do with the main story. It’s just one of the many things the bureau is dealing with, and you can find out all about it in a fairly well-fleshed-out sidequest line for a very dismissive Mary Poppins in a lab coat.

She does look like a slightly older Mary Poppins, right? She’s got a stereotypical “Smart British Person” accent too.

Control Gameplay

Control is, at its core, a Metroidvania game. You have a large free-roam building with various areas locked off from you, so a lot of backtracking and collecting items/power ups is necessary to proceed. Other similarities include solely collecting health pickups from enemies and saving only at certain “Control Points”.

Enemy encounters are somewhat random. Where its not part of the story to fight a group of enemies, there’s a chance that most open mediums-to-large areas will suddenly become filled with red light and enemies will drop down into the room, guns-a-blazing.

Enemies leave behind a really surreal distortion mist when they die. It’s really cool stuff!

There are many ways to dispatch enemies, the Service weapon being the main one. The Service weapon has a few different forms which change its functionality, such as “Shatter” which makes the pistol behave like a Shotgun, or my personal favourite “Pierce” which makes it act like a Sniper Rifle and does a lot of damage following a small charging period. 

You also have access to Jesse’s telekinetic abilities, most of which you need to unlock from an Object of Power. The first of these is a melee attack which I guarantee you will spend a lot of time using on Desks just to see all the destructibles and particle effects flying up into the air. Another one you will use a whole lot is “Launch” allowing you to telekinetically pick up and throw loose items in the area. If there are no items to pick up, Jesse will rip out part of the floor or a nearby wall which is an excellent little touch, and leaves you unreliant on your environment in most cases.

Prepping some rubble to launch at an enemy cowering below that doorway.

All of the abilities are upgradeable. By the end of the game I almost exclusively used launch as I could pick up huge objects and do massive damage by throwing them at a crowd, but some enemies can dodge launch attacks and in those cases I used Pierce to pick them off.

Navigating in the game is a little frustrating. You have a top-down map which shows you the floor plan but connecting rooms are hard to find and there’s no sense of depth so you have no idea if the room you are looking for is above or below you. To help get around this, the game has green hospital-like signage around the building which uses totally unhelpful arrows in an attempt to point you in the right direction. Just for you to find out that the signage is pointing toward a blocked-off area which you can’t access yet and you need to find another way through.

The game’s flat map is pretty useless for navigating the warped and trippy environments in the Oldest House

I’m not going to lie, my first 8-10 hours of Control were spent being totally and utterly lost. I had an awful lot of collectibles quite early in the game because I just kept stumbling across them while trying to navigate the Oldest House’s labyrinthine interior. Your quest marker doesn’t even point you to the quest, just to the sector that it’s in, so once you finally find the sector you still spend plenty of time looking around trying to find the task. 

In all honesty though it’s kind of a good thing. By the end of the game, when I was required to go to quite a few far-between locations and had a decent enough knowledge of my surroundings to make really quick progress.

Upgrade points are unlocked by completing story missions and side-quests, so the more you explore and complete side-quests, the stronger you can become for the main story – which is good, because some of the bosses are really tough and you’ll need all the help you can get. 

Side-quests are typically based around the tasks of each sector’s leader – such as maintenance jobs for the finnish Janitor who has you unclogging pipes and cleaning up mold – which as you can imagine turn into trippy and bizarre experiences.

This young-Hugo-Weaving-looking-ass dude gives some of the most uninteresting side-quests.

Levelling up can improve your health, telekinetic energy and ability effectiveness and is well worth doing. You can also use items collected from enemies to upgrade the Service weapon, adding new forms, improving forms and adding mod slots. Each gun form has up to 3 mod slots, and so does Jesse. You can use mods such as “Health Boost” to increase your health bar, or “Ammo Efficiency” to make the Service Weapon use less ammo per shot. 

All of these things combined give you a high level of customizability to really fine-tune Jesse to suit your play style. For example, I’m an all-offense, no-defense kind of impatient gamer, so I loaded Jesse up with health boosts, upgraded pierce to max and then slapped it full of damage upgrades so I could just tear through enemies without a care in the world.

My Control Platinum Experience

Getting the game’s platinum is really quite simple. There are a few optional and very tricky boss fights, but with a decent amount of upgrades and some perseverance I saw my way through fairly easy.

As I said before, my biggest problem with progressing through the game was trying to find my way through the enormous map. Like, seriously, just as soon as you think you’ve found your way around the damn place it gets bigger and more confusing.

It was kind of cool being lost though, it added to the feeling of being disconnected from reality, and the norm, instead you’re trying to find your way around corridors that twist and warp right in-front of you or figure out if you can reach the hidden area you can see across a gap. There’s certainly plenty to discover, and there are collectibles dotted around everywhere, everything from creepy af vhs tapes of a puppet show to files about quirky Altered items causing mischief within the bureau and they’re all interesting and world-building in their own way.

Nah but for real those puppet shows are a whole new level of creepy!

Getting the game’s platinum requires nothing much more than completing all main and side missions and then maxing out your character and getting a few collectibles. The collectible trophies are extremely, beautifully lenient in that the number of collectibles you need are just a small fraction of what’s actually available, and if you get lost as much as I did then you’d have a harder time not finding collectibles.

Completing side-quests is just a matter of ensuring you get all of the quests from NPCs and then complete them, none of them are really all that tricky except for a couple of tough boss fights, and if you upgrade yourself enough in preparation you shouldn’t have too much trouble. I highly recommend you upgrade Jesse as much as physically possible ahead of attempting the “Old Growth” questline, because the boss is extremely difficult but laughably easy once you’re sufficiently levelled. I had around 4 upgrades left to purchase when I finally took it on and it was a breeze.

The only really tough trophy in the game is this one:

Master Parautilitarian Unlock 100% of the Ability Upgrades

It’s tricky because after you’ve completed all Missions and Side-Quests you will not have enough Ability points to buy the rest of the upgrades. You need to get a few bonus Ability points from finding hidden areas. You get one for each hidden area you discover. 

You’ll probably find most of them throughout natural gameplay, getting lost and trying to find your way around, but it can be quite time-consuming to find more. I think I needed about 5 more once I was done, but there’s a certain ability which makes exploration much easier so finding hidden areas mostly just means going to a big area and using said ability to see what you can find. That ability is:


Levitation! It’s so effing dope, you guys! Just find a nice big hub area and like Central Research and then see what you can reach using your levitation abilities.


Other trophies include beating side-quest bosses, using certain abilities a certain number of times and completing “Board countermeasures”.

Completing the countermeasure trophy.

Board countermeasures are small tasks, such as “Kill 25 enemies in the Research Sector”, which will reward you with items useful for upgrading your weapons and buying mods. There’s a trophy to complete 25 of these:

Astral Tactician Complete 25 Board Countermeasures

They can be quite tricky, some requiring you to use a weapon you wouldn’t always use or killing a certain enemy type a few times in a specific area of the map, but the harder the countermeasure the better your reward. 

I, unfortunately, totally forgot about these until I was only a couple of trophies away from the platinum, and I had to spend a good hour or so farming them. At that point I obviously wasn’t bothered about the rewards they would give me, so I would just look for the easiest ones (you can hold 3 at once) and then go complete them. 

Something like “Kill 25 enemies in maintenance”, “Kill 5 enemies with melee” and “Kill 5 enemies with Shatter”. Then I could just go to maintenance and do those all in one run and then come back for 3 more. 

If there are no easy countermeasures you can actually sort of refresh the list by accepting a mission and then abandoning it, you’ll obviously miss out on the potential reward, but the abandoned countermeasure will be replaced with a new one. Repeat this until you have 3 easy countermeasures and then head out to get them!

This shouldn’t really be necessary though so long as you complete them as you play through the game, rather than all at the end like I did.

The only other trophy which was really a nuisance is this one:

Crisis Management Complete 5 Bureau Alerts

These missions pop up totally at random, and they have a timer. So you could be progressing with the story in the research sector when suddenly you’re called down to maintenance to aid a group of allies in pushing back the hiss, and you have 20 minutes to get there and finish the mission.
They’re not hard, it’s just a bit annoying that you’ll be asked to go somewhere totally out of the way while you’re in the middle of something.
I recommend you do all 5 of these as soon as you can so that you can proceed to ignore them once you have the trophy, and play through the game at your own pace.
That about sums up my experience in the game and hopefully gives you a good heads up for your platinum. The game really is an easy one to platinum and it’s such a great game that it’s totally worth putting in the hours for it too.

I have a few more random images I just want to share so check those out below:

Control: Extra Images

Explosions are so pretty in this game!

The use of lighting contrast is so well-directed!

Look at all those particle effects!

I took screenshots of this pose a lot, ha!

Real Sith Lord energy

Just a nice break from janitorial duties!

My Verdict:


If you have a soft-spot for psychology and trippy visuals like I do, you’ll love this game just as much as I did. There’s plenty to get yourself immersed in within this modern metroidvania game, if you can just find your way around…


  • Beautiful graphics and phenomenal art direction
  • Exciting and unique array of abilities
  • Almost everything is destructible
  • Trippy and unique world


  • It is so easy to get lost!
  • Combat can be really tricky in places
  • Hard to get into for the first few hours

Platinum trophy

Platinum Trophy

This is one of the best games I’ve played this year and the more I think about it the more I realise that. I highly recommend this to everyone.

About the Author

TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…

Bronze Trophy

Deadpool (PS4)

By TheDblTap


Deadpool. A name known far and wide and not just for the 2 highly successful and hilarious movies, but because Deadpool is just about one of the funniest comic book characters ever written. 

Constantly at war with the voices in his quickly deteriorating mind, this totally insane character is immortal… buuut he has cancer. The cancer eats away at his body just about as quick as it can regenerate, that kind of pain is bound to drive anyone to some seriously new levels of insanity. 

When you’re immortal but constantly dying, it makes sense that one might turn to humour to help make sense of the world around them and laugh through the pain.

Deadpool has always been one of the more R-rated characters too, more welcoming to an adult audience – just like his good buddy Wolverine!

Yes, you can expect to find Wolverine in the game.

All of that is not lost in the Deadpool game, and Nolan North’s performance as Deadpool is incredible, he captures the character perfectly, maybe even better than Ryan Reynolds. But what would you expect from the biggest legend in video game voice-acting?

So why the negative subtitle? Well, the actual gameplay is arse.

To the game’s credit, it was released last gen, when XBox ruled the markets and every single game was a half-cocked samey shoot-em-up with about as much charm as a used tapeworm.

Oh look, a sewer level… Yay?

Don’t give them too much credit, though, we’re not talking 2010 here, the game came out in 2013. By which point the PS4 was months away from release and we’d seen some incredible games make their way onto our screens, there really wasn’t much excuse to make a game with mechanics this stale.

What’s really quite hilariously sad about the whole thing, though, is that even Deadpool himself will frequently quip about the crappy gameplay which is either the studio being self-deprecating or admitting that they set out to make a low-effort funless hack-and-slasher from the start, as though that was part of the joke. What ever happened to “Maximum Effort”?

Deadpool PS4 Review

The game starts off pretty strongly, with a miniature level inside Deadpool’s apartment which is loaded with Deadpool humour and really puts you in a great mood for the coming gameplay. Unfortunately, once you leave his apartment you’re thrown into the truth of what the game really is.

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen…

There are very few unique environments in the game. You get dark dingy office, dark dingy sewer, dark dingy prison, dark dingy caves, etc. etc. 

There is a little smidge of creativity peppered into each of these places to give them some place within the Marvel universe, but not nearly enough to make it interesting. 

Gameplay consists of fighting enemies in an area, travelling to the next area, maybe completing a puzzle of some sort, and then fighting enemies in an area again. Typically these fights will span multiple waves and you do get the occasional boss fight.

Not very exciting stuff, however, you are rewarded for your progress via cutscenes involving typical Deadpool shenanigans as he annoys Cable, Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke and Domino who all just want him to understand the seriousness of the villain’s plot.

Cable’s never looked so good.

They don’t feature much in actual gameplay except for one fight alongside Cable and a mild Lady Deadpool reference. Which is a shame, it would have been cool to fight alongside Wolverine or maybe get a few sequences of Domino’s luck powers doing some cool stuff but, alas, they’re just there for the cutscenes.

The selection of villains is even worse. Don’t expect a big-time Deadpool villain like Taskmaster, no, no, you get “Sinister”. And, his fellow infamous villains “Vertigo”, “Blockbuster” and “Arclight”. Just who are they kidding with this? These villains are the kind of villains who only exist so that comic-book characters have someone to beat up in a bank vault while they spray exposition all over the pages.

Ahhh, the cutscenes really do have a lot of charm.

Except from maybe Sinister, these villains don’t pose much of a threat, and even Deadpool himself quips about how the game has total D-list enemies. It’s not charmingly hilarious like it is in the movie when Wade complains about the lack of X-Men movie rights, because it’s not a huge part of the movie, but the villains we’re given are all we have for the entire game, and it’s definitely disappointing. 

The developers lean very heavily into the joke that if Deadpool made a game, it would just be boobs, explosions and poorly-written plot and in the end they don’t even pull the joke off right and you’re left with a disappointing waste of potential.

Oh, there are boobs, by the way.

Ignoring that, how does it play? 

Like most hack and slash shoot-em-ups to be honest. It’s a bit like Devil May Cry, I guess, but with less creativity and action. You have 3 melee weapons to choose from; two Katana with decent attack and speed, two Sai (Sais?) which have high attack speed plus the attack strength of a napkin, and lastly two Hammers with very high attack but quite slow speed. 

From what I can tell most people use the Hammers as soon as they can because of their high attack, but I stuck with the Katana for the majority of my run simply because they were my most upgraded weapon and had balanced speed. 

There are also 4 ranged weapons, all dual-wield of course. The first weapons are simple handguns which don’t have great damage output but their accuracy is one of the best so you can easily get headshots, making them one of the best ranged weapon options. The Shotguns deal high damage from close up but are fairly useless at range, making them good for big melee enemies like the “tubbies”. The SMGs are a good “crap, I don’t have any better weapon ammo left” gun. With shoddy accuracy and small damage per bullet they’re really not going to be your go-to unless you hate aiming. The last guns are awesome, I love these “Pulse Rifles”. They have a decent, steady firing rate, great accuracy and massive damage. Once you have these you probably won’t use any other gun until the ammo runs out. 

Deadpool’s arsenal also includes throwables, you have your standard Flash-bang grenade and explosive grenade but there are also Bear Traps and Land-mines which actually really come in handy for the harder sections of the game.

There’s upgrades, of course.

Apart from the throwables, you can upgrade all your weapons using “DP” (Double Penetration Deadpool Points) which allow you to increase damage output, DP earnings, and ammo capacity as well as unlocking “Momentum” attacks. Similar upgrades are available for Deadpool himself, allowing you to increase Health, Momentum gain and more.

Momentum is exactly what you’re thinking it is (probably). You charge up a bar while you fight and then exhaust said bar by using a special move. Each gun has 1 special move and each weapon has 3. The best special move by far is the one you can perform using the Pulse Rifles. Deadpool spins on the spot firing randomly in all directions and, well, enemies die. A lot.

Here you can see the Momentum prompts on the left.

The enemy types are all pretty lame. They’re supposed to be sinister clones of famous mutants. The one very obvious one is a malfunctioning Gambit clone that runs at you repeating “Ma Cheri” (I think?) until they explode, there are also some quite tough to beat Havok clones who do a lot of damage using Havok’s signature chest-beam. 

The others aren’t so clear though. There’s a really, really annoying enemy type which flies through the air and uses weather attacks on you, but it’s mostly electricity. I guess this is supposed to be storm?

Then, of course, there’s the “Tubbies” who are clearly clones of Blob. So, to be fair to them, the creativity is there but the execution is poor. Because the clones are infused with Sinister’s DNA, they all look the same and it’s boring. Typically the only thing that makes them stand out is what colour they are glowing or whether they are flying or not and in the end, all the developers tried to do is take enemy tropes from other hack-and-slash shoot-em-ups and then warp the X-Men universe to suit those tropes.

My Deadpool Platinum Experience

I felt no joy at getting this Platinum. Only relief.

On the PS3 version of the game, you can’t play the hardest difficulty until you beat the game on normal difficulty, but they got rid of that in the PS4 game and if you’re brave (or just stupid) enough you can jump straight in to the hardest difficulty and have a horrible time.

So I did, and I did have a horrible, horrible time. Almost every fight took 2 or 3 tries and there were multiple times where I’d boot up the game, play for about 20 minutes to get through one fight and then turn it off saying “Yeah, that’s more than enough for today”.

The hardest difficulty was originally put there so that players could replay the game and still have a bit of a challenge now that their character is almost fully upgraded from playing through on normal, but I thought I was being real slick by skipping over that part so I could get the normal difficulty and hard difficulty trophies at the same time. 

I don’t like admitting that such a poorly-made game gave me such a hard time, or that I’m silly enough to just go with it and accept the beating the game was giving me. Had I not been a stubborn and impatient person I probably would have switched difficulties but sadly I am both stubborn and impatient.

The last level of the game, on hard, took me over 4 hours of trial and error because everytime I died (which took only one hit for some enemies) I’d lose 20-30 minutes of progress with some of the worst checkpoint placement in gaming. It is then followed by a truly ridiculous boss fight which is then also followed by a… Honestly quite upsettingly easy boss fight.

Despite the difficulties, I did make it all the way through the game and got both the difficulty trophies at the same time. After that, I just went to chapter select and replayed any levels which had trophies tied to them in some way and collected any I didn’t have. Pretty standard trophy-hunting procedure to be honest, but I have some tips below which might help anyone wanting to plat this game.

I would have at least liked a good trophy screenshot for this one… Oh well.

Deadpool PS4 Platinum Tips and Tricks

So, as I said, it’s good to know you can start on the hardest difficulty from the beginning, but, despite doing that I would actually recommend you don’t. It would actually be quicker for you to play through the game on normal first to get plenty of DP and skills and such before going for the hard run which will be a lot easier. Otherwise you end up wasting a lot of time in futile shoot-outs at a snail’s pace.

There’s not much to say other than that, the game’s trophies are pretty straight-forward, but I do have a few tips for certain trophies that might help you out.

The first thing I’ll say is DO  NOT UPGRADE YOUR SAI (sais?). They’re not going to help you much, so leave upgrading them until you have every trophy except the one for upgrading your gear. There are 2 trophies which are infinitely easier with them not upgraded.

It’s a Trap Get a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the front gates of evil

At face value this is one of the hardest trophies, but there’s a great method for it. If you leave your Sai (sais?… I’m gonna keep doing this) un-upgraded then as the fastest weapon it builds a high combo very fast, but the damage will be practically nothing without damage upgrades. So, you can hit an enemy quite a few times before they actually die. 

I did this trophy by hitting one single guy 79 times with the Sai (Sais? … Maybe I should just google the correct pluralisation) before he died, so it’s actually really easy. Do the trophy on normal difficulty so they don’t die too easily.

Don’t forget you need to let the combo “bank”, so don’t get hit.

Be like Joe Bank a 300-hit combo

This is actually really really easy. But, if you upgrade your Sai (I was right, I googled it, it’s not Sais) it’s the hardest trophy in the game. 

Here’s how I did it:

Well, for one, I did upgrade my Sai, so sadly I had to get every other trophy and then reset my character progress from the options on the main menu, then play the game long enough to unlock the Sai again but eventually I had the right setup.

I then loaded up the level “Genosha”. There’s a method online where you just hit the first “Tubby” Blob Clone with the Sai and dodge his attacks, but I kept getting hit in the glitchiest of ways so I changed my method. There are a few enemies which spawn just before the Blob Clone and there are just enough of them that you’ll have a 300-hit combo by the time the tougher enemies come out as long as you only attack with your Sai and counter every attack that comes at you.

The tricky part then is that you don’t just need to reach a 300-hit combo, you need to bank it. I lost my first 300-hit combo because I got hit while running around the arena waiting for it to bank, so just be extra careful you don’t get hit or it will cancel out the combo.

And here I am, running for my life hoping they don’t hit me and cancel out my combo.

So you’ve got some free time? Complete “Landed in Prison” without countering any attacks.

I highly recommend that you do not press at all under any circumstances while trying for this trophy. You may be tempted to use it to teleport away for some breathing space but you’re just as likely to accidentally counter this way, so just keep well away from .

The annoying thing is that this chapter includes a boss fight in which countering is part of the solution to winning. You can instead just use flash-bang grenades against this boss to stun them, allowing you to beat the life out of ‘em.

This game doesn’t give very good trophy screenshots…

Beer Goggles Use all three switches, defeat the two phasers, and chase after Vertigo within 60 seconds

This one seems hard, but can be quite easy. The only thing that really slows this part down is the two phasers you have to kill. I highly recommend you place down as many mines as you can (as quickly as you can) in the center area while you run through it towards the first switch. This will likely deal with the phasers for you, saving you some time. But if you get to the center and there is a phaser still standing, just greet him with a couple of quick shotgun bursts.

The trophy won’t pop until you’re out the door. Which is annoying because this is also the checkpoint, so if you go through that door and you don’t get the trophy because you were too slow, you’ll need to start the chapter again from the start. 

It might help to time yourself in some way, or just restart from checkpoint if you’re not confident in your speed. Maybe do a couple of practice runs.

Actually it doesn’t make for very good screenshots, in general.

The rest of the trophies are pretty simple, just do what the trophy says and you shouldn’t struggle.

My Verdict:


I don’t recommend this game. It’s not a good game by any measure and despite the saving graces of Deadpool humour and North’s incredible voice role, it’s just not worth any amount of time.


  • Nolan North plays Deadpool excellently
  • The humour of Deadpool is somewhat alive in the game.


  • Boring repetitive gameplay
  • Stale mechanics
  • Drab level design

Bronze Trophy

Bronze Trophy

I don’t want to give this a trophy, but I loved North’s voicework too much – he really did the role justice, so it gets a bronze at least.

About the Author

TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…

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Bronze Trophy

Blood Waves

By TheDblTap


Bood waves is another of the short platinums which have been sitting at the top of my plat list for a very long time. The platinum trophy can be achieved somewhere between 4 hours and 15 hours depending on your patience and, I hate to say it – skill.

Unfortunately I lacked in both patience and skill as I was playing through the game and had to retry a great many times, but I’ll get to that shortly.

The idea of this game is to survive as many waves as you can in a small, circular,  enclosed arena against Zombies. You have access to a few upgradeable weapons, a few upgradeable traps and a few upgradeable skills.

90% of the gameplay looks like this. Running away from Zombies and looking behind yourself.

There are 8 weapons available for you to use:

  • Machete: You start with a machete in your arsenal and it’s your best defense against the hordes in the early stages, but you’ll never use it again once you have decent weaponry and plenty of money for ammo.
  • Colt: Probably the first gun you’ll get unless you get lucky with cash pick-ups early in the game, it has decent accuracy, a low rate of fire and low damage. But, if you get mostly headshots you should be able to survive a few early rounds with this alone.
  • SMG: As you can imagine, it’s got a slightly lower damage than the colt but with it’s massively increased rate of fire you’re likely to do a lot more damage with this one. It’s great for crowd control and you need it for one trophy.
  • Shotgun: The best weapon for the early waves, with this bad boy you can take the head of a Zombie clean off with just one shot, you’ll almost certainly use this in the early stages, especially if you use the guide below.
  • AK12: A slightly more powerful automatic rifle which has higher damage output than the SMG but a lower rate of fire. I never used it.
  • AWP: The big mac daddy of guns in the game, this beast can take out any zombie with one shot on any body-part. It makes no sense, but it’s crucial to surviving the game’s late stages.
  • Minigun: Remember the days when every FPS ever had a minigun in there somewhere? And you’d always want to get it and use it, but then it ends up being such an inconvenience you regret it? It’s kind of like that here. The gun slows you down, so you can’t escape the zombies unless you’re running, for which you need a lot of stamina. So, if you end up using this gun (which you will if you want the platinum) you’ll need to constantly be switching guns with and so you can stay mobile.
  • RPG: I rarely used this, except at the end of my run when I was trying to spend more money for a certain trophy (it has expensive ammo) and to be honest it’s hugely disappointing. The blast radius is pretty small, the accuracy is hilariously bad and to kill anything with it you’ll need to shoot at the zombie’s feet.

Some weapons have trophies tied to them

As well as those there are 5 traps you can use too. But this doesn’t end the way you think it does. You, stood in a circle of miniguns and flamethrowers doing all the work for you, making you feel like you really achieved something in the game – no – they’re all HEAVILY limited in terms of how many you can use at one time, which is incredibly disappointing and frankly just boring .

 The best part about a tower defence game is when you finally become so powerful you break the game, but they don’t want that in Blood Waves. Anyway, here are the traps:

  • Barricade: These are very cheap at $250 dollars a piece and you can use up to 15 of them. But they are utterly useless, they don’t damage zombies, and they don’t deter zombies. Zombies will run at them and attack them as soon as they’re near one and destroy it in no time at all, even fully upgraded, making it pretty useless defensively but it can have some good uses when paired up with a weapon which can kill them while they attack the barricades.
  • Turret: This is yet another useless tool which could have been much better. It does very small damage per second, you might as well be tickling the zombies to death. It also goes down incredibly quick. The only good thing about it is that it explodes when destroyed, and takes one or two zombies down with it. You can have four of these.
  • Flamethrower: Personally, I can’t see the difference between this and the turret. It dies easily, explodes on death and does a small amount of damage to zombies, it might as well not exist, plus you can only have two!
  • Grinder: FINALLY, a useful trap! Sadly you can only have two, but there is a great strategy for the first 20-ish waves which this is great for. They also cannot be hurt by normal zombies, they just chew them up when they get close and release a spray of blood and meat chunks.
  • Deadly Spinner: This one was my best friend throughout my platinum playthrough, you can only have one, but it chews up and spits out any zombie that gets close except bomber zombies who are the only ones that can destroy it. I would set this in the middle and then bait all zombies into it to have them made into mince-meat.

After each wave you are given access to a back room within which you can buy traps, upgrades, weapons, and skills using the points and money you earn throughout the wave. 

You need to spend a lot of money for one of the trophies, so go wild!

Once you’ve managed these things you are able to access a Build Mode by pressing inside the arena. In this mode you can enjoy an awkward and annoyingly slow process of placing traps for 5 minutes in a formation that should only take 2 minutes, but that’s just how it is. You can only rotate an object in a single direction and if you over-rotate you need to rotate a full 360 again, the character’s movements are choppy and imprecise to it’s hard to place the traps precisely and it’s just overall boring and unpleasant.

The build mode is slow and limited.

When you’re ready, you can press to start a wave and hopefully make it through to the end. It is so disgustingly easy to die in this game. You need to keep moving constantly, never stop. 

They can walk just about the same speed as you (unless you’re holding a minigun which makes you slower than the Zombies) so as long as you don’t move and don’t make too tight of a turn, the entire pack will follow you anywhere, which is useful for baiting zombies over to traps, but if you stop for any reason or get caught on something you’re almost guaranteed to die with extreme speed.

Almost every single time I took a risk for a screenshot or loot pick-up I died. This was no exception.

Because of how easy it is to die out of nowhere, I highly recommend backing up saves. If you die on a wave you have to start from wave 1 again, no matter what you have achieved. To avoid this, after a successful wave when the game auto-saves, you can jump out to the PS4 dashboard and upload your save data to a USB device or the PSCloud, this way you can always re-download that save if you die and therefore keep your progress. 

I did this after every wave. You’re free to do this less as it is a pain in the arse, but everytime I pushed my luck and tried to do 2 or 3 waves without backing up, I’d lose my progress and I don’t have the patience to play multiple waves over and over again, especially not when the game is this buggy and awkward.

Essentially, the majority of your gameplay will be you running away from zombies, looking over your shoulder and trying to gain enough distance to stop and shoot a few. Because of this I highly recommend upping the sensitivity in the settings, because by default it is very slow and difficult to turn around.

Practically the whole game is summed up in this one screenshot.

There are a few types of zombies, but they don’t really bring much to the table, especially if you have a good strategy, here they are:

  • Normal Zombie: These guys will appear in droves, there’s nothing particularly special about them. They’re just your typical video game zombies who repeat an attack animation which has no bearing on how or when they will hurt you, think Day-Z but even less advanced.
  • Big Zombies: Honestly, it took me a while to realise these were different zombies and the devs hadn’t just lazily randomised zombie height to falsify variety. Their biggest trait is that they hit REALLY hard, so stay away from them.
  • Acid Zombies: These guys make an irritating vomit sound which never varies and spit fluorescent paint at you. They don’t seem to do much damage but, left unattended, they can deal some serious damage to your traps. Kill them as soon as you see them.
  • Electric Zombies: I mean, really. This uninspired and nonsensical Zombie variety can impart heavy damage upon you and your traps, kill it on sight. They have particularly weak legs, so go for the knees to “Ground” them.
  • Bomber Zombies: I don’t know who is going around cutting zombie heads in half and resting cartoon acme bombs inside their skull cavities, but somebody is doing it and it’s bad. The bomber can explode at will or when killed, even if you shoot him nowhere near the bomb. I don’t understand the logistics of it, but I do know he deals devastating damage and you don’t want him anywhere near you or your traps, prioritise him when you see him.

So, if I haven’t put you off this horrible game yet, then I have a decent walk-through, pieced together from other people’s walk-throughs online to give you the perfect method which worked for me, allowing me to plat the game in just one play-through (spread over several days because, damn, this game is bad).

Blood Waves Platinum Trophy Walkthrough

If you follow this wave-by-wave guide for platting the game then you should be able to manage it in just one playthrough. 

Remember, you need to reach wave 30 for one of the trophies, but to get the trophy for killing 5,000 zombies you will need to play a little longer than that. Most people claim online you’ll need to reach wave 34, but I pulled it off after wave 31. 

Proof! (I almost didn’t make it out alive).

Sadly, I still needed to play a couple more waves to get the trophy for spending $1,000,000 in-game.

Also, don’t forget to back up your saves frequently if you don’t want to restart from the beginning every time. Do this at whatever rate you prefer, 5 waves, 2 waves, or just one wave if you’re impatient like myself.

Waves 1-3

Beat these 3 waves using only your knife. You’re going to struggle a little on the third wave but it’s worth it. 

Run circles around the map to gather the horde into one small group and then spin around and cut at as many as you can. Once your health reaches half you want to get away just to be safe. Continue your circuit around the arena, gathering up any newly spawned zombies, and then repeat the process once your health is full again. 

As long as you’re careful you’ll be fine, make sure you grab any loot the zombies drop, but it won’t be much at first.

At least the hordes are smaller at first

At the end of each wave do not spend any money or upgrade points, just jump straight into the next wave once your health is full until you complete Wave 3.  If you’re really struggling to beat Wave 3 with just a knife, buy a Colt and some ammo but try to save what money you can and definitely don’t buy upgrades or skills.

After wave 3, if you didnt already, buy the colt and ammo and use them to beat Wave 4.

Wave 4: Beat this wave with the Colt. As usual, you want to put some distance between yourself and the zombies and then spin around and get as many headshots as you can before they get close to you. Once they are close, start running again until you have some distance between you. Repeat until you’re victorious.

Once you finish the wave, buy the SMG with ammo. Also buy the “Loot” skill. This will give us more item pick-ups from zombie kills and allow us to earn more money, quickly.

Don’t buy anything else.

The SMG is going to be very important

Waves 6-7

You’re going to start seeing acid Zombies now. They’re easy to spot because they glow a bright green colour. There’s a trophy for killing 20 of these with an SMG, so everytime you see one, pull out your SMG and start laying into them with it.

Other than those guys, you want to use your Shotgun for normal Zombies. There’s a trophy for getting 100 headshots with the Shotgun, so aim for the head each time. If you actually hit them in the head, it will explode killing them instantly.

You’d think the trophy screenshot would actually include a headshot… Oh well, at least that guy back there is missing a noggin.

Keep up this strategy for as many waves as you need to until you get both of these trophies:

Acid Wars Kill 20 Acid Zombies using SMG

Mega Headshot Make 100 Headshots using Shotgun

At the end of these waves, restock your shotgun and SMG ammo but don’t buy anything else until Wave 7. After Wave 7, buy the “Resistance to Explosion” skill.

Waves 8-10

You should be close to having the headshot trophy now, for me it popped in Wave 9. Within these 3 waves, buy the skills “Resistance to Electricity” and “Resistance to Acid”, in that order, as soon as you have the skill points for them. 

Buy the Minigun with ammo as soon as you have the money for it, but you won’t really need to use it until you have that headshot trophy, so you could hold out for it until then.

Once you do have that headshot trophy, stop using the shotgun and start every wave with the Minigun. We need to get 1,000 kills with the minigun for a trophy, so just get out the minigun whenever you can, and you should have the trophy sometime before wave 15. 

These waves are going to be very annoying because of the minigun, so here is what I recommend:

With the minigun put away, and a lighter gun in your hands, run circles around the arena to get the zombies into one tight group, once this is the case, sprint from one end of the arena to the other and quickly spin around, pull out the minigun with [d-pad] and then mow as many of them down as you can with it. Once they get a little close to you, use to switch to a lighter weapon and then start the process again.

If you keep this up for the foreseeable future, you’ll have a fairly easy time getting the trophy.

As usual, don’t buy any weapon upgrades during these waves.

Wave 11

Wave 11 is the first major milestone and you’re going to pop a lot of trophies here. As soon as you finish Wave 11, back up your save and then go and buy as many weapon upgrades as you can, you should pop a few trophies. Then, re-download your backup and buy as many other weapon upgrades as you can, popping a few more trophies. Repeat this process until you have the trophies for all of the weapon and trap upgrades.

Once you’ve finished that process, reload your save one last time, this time buy the AWP and the weapon upgrades for both the Minigun and the AWP.

Get used to the AWP because you’re going to be using it a lot.

Wave 11 – Wave 34

Now it’s time to get serious. 

From here on out you can buy traps and start using them. There are a few trap-related trophies for placing a certain number of each trap in one game, this is easily cheatable. When in built mode, position your trap in a way the game doesn’t like (the projection will turn red) and then mash [X] like your life depends on it. The game wiill stupidly register these attempts to place a trap as placed traps allowing you to pop all of these trophies with this one simple method.

You can now also buy upgrades as much as you like, but don’t waste your upgrade points on weapon upgrades. Once the Minigun and AWP are fully upgraded you don’t need to use any of the other weapons so spend the points on upgrading traps.

You’re going to want to spend as much money as you can, so after every wave buy the traps and ammo you need and then spend any surplus money anywhere you can to avoid needing to play longer at the end of the game like I did.

Also be mindful of the SMG, Minigun and Shotgun trophies, if you still haven’t got those yet just ensure you’re doing what you can each wave to fulfil those requirements.

Note that at around wave 17 you should be able to afford most Skills in the game. Backup your save data at this time and use the same method we used for weapon upgrades to unlock every skill-related trophy in the game. After that you should be able to just make a straight  run for the platinum with a few backed up saves in-between.

All of the skill trophy screenshots look like this, in case you were wondering.

I have a couple of good methods for surviving the game. 

The first method is better earlier on when you don’t have a ton of money to burn, simply buy two Zombie Grinders and position them in the outer ring of the arena, against one of the dividing walls, just by one of the openings at either the angel statue or the large door to avoid special zombies seeing them on spawn and attacking them immediately. These grinders can only be destroyed by Acid, Electric and Bomber zombies, so we want to keep them away.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, each wave has a maximum number of zombies that can enter the arena at once, and no more will be spawned until you kill some. Start each wave by running laps of the inner circle of the arena, gathering up a group of zombies. You then want to switch to the AWP and pick off any Acid, Electric or bomber zombies you see. 

Once you’ve cleared them away, continue your laps for a little while to see if any more spawn and continue this method until the group following you consists of only normal zombies. Now, run into the outer circle with the horde in tow, and head towards one of your grinders and if they’re positioned correctly you should be able to hook around the side of one and head directly towards the center of the arena. The zombies will try to take a shortcut around the corner straight into the grinder. If you do this right, the whole horde will become mincemeat and you can proceed to repeat the process.

It doesn’t hurt to let the grinders take a little damage so that you can repair them for this trophy.

The next strategy is better a little later on because you’re going to want the very expensive Deadly Spinner. You could also buy all the other traps to full capacity and build something like what I describe below, but it’s not necessary.

I like to start by placing a Deadly Spinner right in the center of the arena. If you look after this right and keep the Bomber zombies away, it will last you a few waves without ever needing to be replaced. Around this, I place 4 turrets, 2 flamethrowers, 2 grinders,  15 barricades and a partridge in a pear tree. 

The barricades will encapsulate the entire set-up, keeping zombies at bay long enough for the turrets and flamethrowers to pick a few off. Once the barricades go, the zombies head towards the guns to take them out, with most of them falling prey to the spinner and the grinders. Plus once the guns are destroyed they will explode, killing off many of the zombies. 

This is the layout I went with in the end.

Then you just have the grinders and the spinner left. If you run a tight circle around this, the majority of the zombies will get decimated and you can just focus on the electric and acid zombies who stop to attack the grinders.

Once the grinders are all gone, you have the Deadly Spinner. If you run a tight circle around this you can trick every zombie except a Bomber into getting caught up in it. This is essentially all you need, but the other stuff is a bit of fun and spices up the waves a little.

Just remember to be extra vigilant for bombers, they will destroy your spinner in one hit and then you’re left using your weapons to kill zombies, which is just boring.

Quite handily, I discovered you can place anything INSIDE a spinner, too. So you could put a barricade or two inside a spinner to trick zombies into coming over to attack the barricade and then ending up getting caught in the spinner. 

Clearly a bug, but it comes in handy.

Follow everything you see in the guide above and you should have a fairly reasonable time getting the platinum, so long as you can commit to the horrible game with it’s horrible mechanics and boring gameplay.

My Verdict:


This game is a mess. It has a lot of theoretical potential to be an exciting and fun tower defence game, but all it really amounts to is 30-34 waves of constantly running in circles and occasionally pressing a button. I do not recommend.


  • Easy, short-ish platinum


  • Too easy to die in a heartbeat
  • Sluggish movement
  • Buggy gameplay

Bronze Trophy

Bronze Trophy

This wouldn’t even get a bronze if the platinum wasn’t so easy. Visions of the fun this game could have been only help to exacerbate my dislike for the actual product.

About the Author

TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…

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